Best Gaming Headsets Under $100

Best Gaming Headsets Under 100 USD [WINNERSHaving a good headset can make a world of difference. If you’re a gamer, regardless of whether you needed to increase the immersion, give yourself a competitive edge or block out the background. Hubbub a good headset is an indispensable tool in a gamers arsenal. And the best thing is you can easily find a headset that’s tailor-made for your preferences that won’t cost you a fortune. The usually when we make these types of lists, a number of the entries end up being high-end AutoFile grade models that aren’t really relevant for most of you reading this review. Now we don’t plan to stop showcasing such models in the future. They may be niche, but there are excellent products that deserve their moment in the spotlight. But for the purposes of this article, we’ll be putting $100 cap on the prices and featuring a lot more models than usual. This means that we won’t be covering all the strengths and weaknesses of each headset in detail, but it will increase the chance of you finding the headset that’s best for your gaming needs. So we thought any further ado, let’s begin.

And just to show that we mean business when we say that a good headset can be found pretty cheap. The first three models will all be in the sub $40 price range, so with that in mind, say hello to the safe spirit. Will the version tech G 2000 and a Koshin each be 35 Oh five first step is the safe spirit Wolf. It’s genuinely impressive what this $25 headset manages to offer given the low price tag, the sound quality is okay. Nothing to write home about. Although the virtual 7.1 surround sound is definitely a welcome feature, but that’s perfectly reasonable when we take into account that this headset focuses on other things specifically on comfort and the microphone. It features a grounded Mike that won’t crackle at all while you’re adjusting it and thick breathable padding on the ear cups. That’s perfect for long gaming sessions.

If you want a headset that’ll be great for music, then this isn’t the best choice, but if you need a comfortable headset that you can use to game all day and not have your friends be, you’re joining the chat, the spirit Wolf won’t disappoint. The next step is the version tech 2000 it’s just similar in the sense that the sound quality takes a back seat in order to make some of the other features shine. Most notably, instead of being super comfortable like the spirit will, the G 2000 is super resilient. It features a braided cable for extra protection and while the body of the headset is plastic, it’s also very robust, safe. Your headsets tend to take a lot of falling damage accidentally or otherwise. GC thousand is definitely a worthwhile investment. Also at features, noise reduction in the mic and comes with some really cool looking led lights just for the added pleasure and of course we didn’t forget about gamers who are looking for an affordable experience that does away with all the cable clutter. There’ll be a sub-section just for wireless headsets later on, but if you’re looking for a headset that’s good, cheap and wireless, the cushion each be 35 Oh five is your best bet. This is just an all-around solid wireless headset with eight hours of battery life handy controls on the left ear cup and a decent microphone. It’s not the best sounding headset, but for the price you’ll be hard-pressed to find one that comes close and has all of these features.

Okay, now that we’ve covered the budget solutions, we’re going to showcase headsets that specialize in certain aspects starting with the best surround sound headsets. Now these won’t be the only headsets that have surround sound capabilities, but if you want the most immersive experience and need to have this feature as refined as possible for the cash you’re paying your best bets are the seats a 60 the MSI, D S five Oh two on the Logitech G nine 30 why these three in particular? Well, safety a makes this list for a number of reasons. Obviously the virtual surround sound is good, but the ACC also has everything else that an online multiplayer gamer will need. Noise, suburb, comfort and a mic that’s easily mutable but flipping it up. Also we love how the inline controller lets us change both game and voice volume separately and for a change of pace.

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The 60 sounds really good with the nice balanced response. Of course if you want to ditch the balance tones for something with a bit more oof, try giving the MSI D S five Oh two a shot. It’s 40 millimeter drivers and environmental reverb tech or just what’s needed to bring the added level of immersion to you game. It even comes with an audio software that lets you customize the sound profile to your liking. And lastly we have to mention the Logitech G nine 30 the brand really speaks for itself with this one, it’s quite a bit more expensive than the other two models, but it’s well worth the money if you can. Spirit especially seeing as this is also a wireless headset, it’s got everything and noise canceling. Mike three customizable hotkeys, 10 hours of battery life, a frequency response. That’s great for both gaming and music and of course the full 7.1 surround sound. It just goes to show that you can’t go wrong with Logitech.

We’ve mentioned that the a 60 is a great choice for online multiplayer, particularly for shooters because it has a good like in addition to surround sound capabilities. However, it is still a surround sound headset that happens to have a good microphone. No all surround sound is important for some online multiplayer games. A great microphone is essential for anything team-based MOBAs shooters or anything in between. So if you’re a lawful good and want to be the best teammate you can be, we recommend one of these three options. The razor crackin pro version two to steel series Siberia version three or the HyperX cloud to the razor crackin version two comes with the retractable, like the completely isolates your voice getting rid of any and all distortion and crackling and it’s not like it’s a one trick pony either. The sound quality here is incredible as well with the wider frequency response than you normally see in gaming headsets.

Plus it has 15 millimetre drivers that make the base exceptionally Boomi. All in all, it’s easy to see why the crack in division two is a favorite among pro gamers and if you don’t like headsets that put too much emphasis on the base thing. Consider giving the steel series Siberia version three a try again. The main reason we’re showcasing it here is for, it’s amazing Mike, but we also have to mention the bright sound profile. That’s a welcome change considering how gaming headsets tend to favor the Bates. The Siberia version three was intended for gaming and it’s great for gaming, but if you also want a device that you can listen to music on, you’d be doing yourself a disservice by skipping over this headset. Live performances in particular, sound phenomenal on it. And finally we have the HyperX cloud to now this is a pretty popular gaming headset already. It’s prized have been sung many times, but we’ve noticed that people rarely touch on a microphone when they’re going on about how amazing the cloud too is, and yes, it does sound great and it’s comfortable to wear and it’s cross platform, but the mic is just a spectacular using an inline sound card to cancel both noise and echo, it’s dangerously close to the $100 Mark, but it’s worth every penny.

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Now in case you are someone who likes to binge game, be it in single player or multiplayer solo or co-op, the thing you want the most in your headset is comfort. No other feature is redeeming enough that you should suffer through hours of painful gameplay for it. Here we have the top three most comfortable headsets that we could find the steal serious artists by the Sennheiser GSP 300 and the coarser void RGB. What exactly is it that makes these the most comfortable headsets for under a hundred dollars while the steel series artist five has breathable and soft cushioned ear cups and comes with a ski goggles style headband. That’s plenty already, but it’s also not a one hit. Wonder as it has a pretty solid, well-balanced sound and RGB lighting. The Sennheiser GSP 300 has a very generous amount of patting on the headband. That’s sure to help with long sessions.

It also has a brass to your sound as opposed to the artist five’s more flat approach. Functionality wise, this is a headset we could see costing a bit more than a hundred dollars but it does have the drawback of not being particularly easy on the eyes and the last comfy model for this segment is the coarser void RGB. This one definitely has a bit of a love it or hate it, look to it. It certainly looks rather plain, but we honestly think that this goes to it’s favor. In this case, it’s definitely a welcome change of pace. After all the black and red models we’ve had to suffer through, but enough about its looks. Let’s talk functionality. The void RGBs comfort appeal is twofold. Firstly, it uses a generous amount of mesh padding and secondly, it’s pretty lightweight at only 14 ounces, which translates to roughly 400 grams. Put this two together and you’ve got yourself a headset that will rest on your head like a soft pillow. Also. It sounds awesome. Has a great mic and lasts up to 16 hours on a single charge. Oh yeah. Did we mention it’s a wireless headset too because it’s a wireless headset?

A decent number of the headsets we’ve listed so far have console support, but it’s usually limited in some way. If for example, if the headset has surround sound, it can’t be used with a console, feel free to skim through the article links in the description. If you want to know which of the previous headsets feature console support, but if you’re primarily a console gamer, then these following three entries are the ones you will want to pay attention to and they are the steel series artistry, the turtle beach air force recon 50 and the Astro gaming a 40 tr for stuff. If the steel series artist streak, it has the same appeal from a comfort standpoint as the arch to spiked with a ski goggles strap. But what makes it special is that it provides the full virtual surround sound experience. An all current gen consoles.

Granted you won’t be able to access the equalizer on the consoles, but the headsets still sounds great regardless with a particular focus on the mid range frequencies. We’ve also got you covered if you’re in need of a good budget console headset, the turtle beach air force recon 50 doesn’t have any surround sound capabilities regardless of which device you use it on, which is only fair given how affordable it is, but what it does have is a lightweight designed, those are wonders for long gaming sessions, powerful 40 millimeters. Speakers that make every exposion and voice line stand up and a pretty nice Mike taboo. Just make sure to get the 50 P version if you’re a user and the 50 X version, if you’re using the Xbox one and now for something completely different. If you want to go all out and your wallet doesn’t mind. Consider buying the Astro gaming a 40 tr. It’s especially good if you like being able to customize your gaming gear as both the ear cups can be changed and the mic can be attached to either ear cup. As for the sound. It’s just phenomenal. The sound profile, the expansive soundstage, the wide frequency, everything about the a 40 tr is just top notch and definitely worth the money if you’ve got some despair.

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And finally, the last three models we’ll be showcasing are all excellent wireless outings for all of you who don’t want to suffer the inconvenience of cables but also don’t want the sound quality to note it, simply suffer for it. We present the Sony MDR XB 650 Avenue, tree edition pro, and the modern portable elite super six to six. The Sony headset may have an insufferable and slightly unpronounceable name, but that’s as far as the negatives go here and this is because it manages to combine all the convenience of a wireless headset with a sturdy frame that can handle a moderate amount of punishment and audio. That sounds so good. You’ll forget this is a wireless headset plus thanks to the NFC chip. Pairing it up with any device is as simple as just tapping the right aircraft. Next stop is the Aventura addition pro and right off the bat the most impressive thing about this headset is that it manages to pack a whooping 40 hours into its battery life, which is just as ridiculous as it is.

Incredible. It also has the NFC chip, although it can only be paired up with two devices at a time, but we’re more than willing to overlook this when we take into consideration just how incredible the sound quality here is. This is as close to the AutoFile level audio that you can get at this price and it doesn’t even come close to scraping the a hundred dollars cap. The headset also has a builtin base boost feature that’s honestly a bit overwhelming for gaming, but it does make these heavy music sound out of this world. And lastly, the final headset for this review, we have the modern portable elite super 66 we felt it only fitting to close off this list, just the ultimate Jack of all traits and super 66 it’s got it all. The audio is incredible and completely distortion-free, even at loud volumes. It’s a wireless model, but it can be used with the included ox cable, which in turn means it’s compatible with anything from consoles and PCs to smartphones, the thick layer of foam padding on the ear cups and had been make it a joy to wear even after using it for hours on end.

And best of all, it’s not even close to being the most expensive model on this list. No, that’s an all around her if we’ve ever seen one.

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