Bryan R. RomeroThe Audiolyzed website has a tremendous history and is continuing to grow to become a leading way to obtain music, before becoming an area of the Internet Media family members in 2018.

How Audiolyzed Works
The foremost is the original review, frequently written by an associate of we or by a contributing writer. There around 2,000 of them, forming an archive developed during the last nearly 20 years.

The next type is aggregated reviews. They are compiled from evaluations by carefully chosen websites and internationally acknowledged music specialists. We consider their ratings and rankings and switch them right into a single, easily digestible rating that provides a snapshot look at the way the album, solitary or artist was received by the very best music critics in the globe.

Each one of these aggregated reviews includes a portion of the initial text accompanied by a web link to permit music-fans to browse the full review in its first context.

The Audiolyzed Difference
Unlike various other examine aggregating websites and only those which may be required online by our readers to read in their original context. While this means we’re likely to have a shorter list of contributing sources, it also means that they are the ones we believe are the best of the best.

Our combined scoring system works differently too. Scores are displayed in the popular format of stars but also displayed out of 100 for those who like to be precise.

We now have well over 13,000 of these reviews – enough to keep you busy listening to new music for years!