SVS SB12-NSD Subwoofer

Are there muffled sounds whenever bass sounds are being amplified by the loudspeakers? Are low voices or sounds not audible or clear when watching a movie or listening to a song? More often than not, loudspeakers are good in handling high and mid frequencies but the same cannot be said when it comes to bass sounds.

For that, a subwoofer does the job better than a loudspeaker. Complete one’s sound system by adding a good performing subwoofer like the SVS SB12-NSD Subwoofer.


  • 400 watts RMS power
  • DSP control
  • Sledge amplification
  • NSD high output driver
  • Easy to move & portable
  • Curved metal stylish grille
  • Lightweight & compact
  • Continuously variable low pass filter
  • Stereo line-level RCA input/ output connections
  • Digital control knob
  • Easy to set-up & install
  • Separate high-passed and unfiltered line level outputs
  • Item weight: 35 lbs.
  • Product dimensions: 14.2 in x 14.2 in x 14.6 in


The SVS SB12-NSD Subwoofer has a lot of features to offer that give the appliance a big edge over the other subwoofer brands available in the market today. First on the line is that the SVS subwoofer has the capacity to deliver a remarkably low-frequency response. The said capacity of the SVS subwoofer makes it possible for the sound appliance to create very low bass that turns into a powerful and immersive impact that not only can be heard but also felt.

The audio output of the SVS subwoofer is also something to be noted and complimented. The appliance is able to recreate detailed and accurate sound without sounding so “boomy”. There is only balanced and flat sound with this subwoofer – eradicating frequencies that are not originally created by the sound source. There are no extraneous and unwanted noises to deal with when it comes to SVS subwoofer.

Another benefit that the SVS subwoofer can offer is an effortless and massive power. Such power gives the subwoofer the ability to provide movie theatre-like and concert-like volumes – all at transient response and high speed. The SVS subwoofer also has a smart integration that uses an advanced digital signal processing. The advanced signal processing of the subwoofer paves way for a smooth and easy blending of the SVS subwoofer with its connected speakers – all to provide a complete theater and concert experience even at the comforts of one’s home.

Also, the SVS subwoofer’s driver was designed to be able to handle all the watt power of the Sledge’s amplifier while pumping out the powerful bass sound with little distortion despite the subwoofer being driven into its maximum limit.

The SVS subwoofer is also compact and stylish with its Ash Black color. Because of its overall appearance, it can easily blend in with any household background. Because the SVS subwoofer is also portable, it is the perfect subwoofer that can be brought along in dorms and apartments. The control knobs of the SVS subwoofer are likewise made digital so that adjustments of the subwoofer’s settings can be done accurately and without any noise.

The SVS subwoofer may have a classic look but its functions and features are definitely not old and traditional. Installing and setting up the SVS subwoofer are easy breezy to do because the appliance was made with a flexible and comprehensive connectivity choices to choose from. In no time, the subwoofer can be installed and ready to use.


The SVS SB12-NSD Subwoofer may have a lot to offer but it also has its fair share of downsides to take note of. One of the cons of the SVS subwoofer is that it is a sealed subwoofer. Because the subwoofer is sealed, its ability to create a hard rumble or rattle – unlike the unsealed subwoofer – has been reduced. It can be turned up to achieve that shaking of the wall effect but the output quality of the SVS subwoofer can be affected and can be more “bassy” than originally intended.

Another downside of the SVS subwoofer is that it comes with a high purchase price – this can be a major drawback, especially for those who have a limited budget for the purchase of a subwoofer.


The SVS SB12-NSD Subwoofer may seem to be compact but it does not lack when it comes to performance. Admittedly, having a sealed subwoofer has its cons but, compared to the many benefits that the SVS subwoofer can offer, the downsides of sealed subwoofer pales in comparison.

Also, the SVS subwoofer comes with a relatively expensive purchase price and may be a major drawback for someone who simply does not have enough budget to afford it. Yet, the quality and performance of the SVS subwoofer make the product more of a catch. This is a subwoofer that lives up to the expectation and more.

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