Klipsch Reference R-10SW Subwoofer

Planning on installing a complete sound system at home? A music or home movie theater sound system will not be complete if there is no subwoofer in the mix. Loudspeakers are fine in handling high and middle frequencies but they fall short when it comes to playing low frequencies.

For the slack on the bass notes, there is always a subwoofer that can pick up the work and do the job better. Find a subwoofer that can offer a holistic viewing and listening experience like the Klipsch Reference R-10SW Subwoofer for one’s home.


  • Powerful 10 in copper spun front firing woofer
  • With built-in audio speaker
  • With all-digital amplifier that can deliver up to 300 W of dynamic power
  • With line or LFE inputs
  • Low pass crossover and phase control
  • Cabinet made of brushed black polymer veneer
  • Item weight: 25.5 lbs.
  • Product dimensions: 14 in (H) x 12.5 in (W) x 15.7 in (D)


The Klipsch Reference R-10SW Subwoofer is one of the high performing subwoofer brands available in the market these days. One of the key features of the Klipsch subwoofer that gives it an edge over the others is its all-digital amplifier. Such feature allows the Klipsch subwoofer to be efficient in its job of delivering ample power for the subwoofer to perform its function effectively and satisfactorily.

It is also because of the built-in amplifier that the Klipsch subwoofer is able to produce very accurate audio output, unlike other subwoofers that provide muffled and unclear bass tones. From the loudest sounds to the barest of whispers, this subwoofer can accurately recreate it all so one can experience and enjoy a complete and holistic audio output.

Another edge of the Klipsch subwoofer is its low phase control and low pass crossover features. With such features, the subwoofer is able to integrate the bass tones with its built-in amplifier in order to create a nice level of bass that one can enjoy.

To add, the Klipsch subwoofer also has available Line or LFE inputs. The said inputs make the subwoofer versatile and compatible with both new and old receivers. The usual problem with new subwoofers is that it cannot work well with the old receivers, but this is not an issue with the Klipsch subwoofer because there are LFE inputs that address the compatibility problem.

As for the built-in Klipsch subwoofer, it is made up of injection molded graphite (IMG). The IMG material gives the subwoofer a very light construction. The IMG material may be light but it is very rigid as well. Such contradiction with the construction of the IMG gives the Klipsch subwoofer the ability to create a low-frequency response. Together with the low-frequency response is a reduced chance of having breakup and distortion with the cone of this particular subwoofer.

Taken together, the subwoofer becomes durable and offers a long service life. The durability of the appliance can be cost efficient because the owner will be spared from buying yet another subwoofer after a short time. Durability equals to less replacement cost for the owners of a Klipsch subwoofer.


The Klipsch Reference R-10SW Subwoofer may have quite a number of key features to boast about but, unfortunately, like any subwoofer brands, it also has some downsides. One major example of this is the expensive purchase price of the Klipsch subwoofer. This could be a major drawback for one not to buy the product. Another issue about the subwoofer is that there are reports that the appliance can create some radio interference with its stereo receiver.

The overall appearance of the Klipsch subwoofer also needs some looking into as the corners of the box appear to be painted poorly while the finish of the subwoofer was not well made. To add, the finish of the subwoofer’s box peels easily which does not inspire confidence to the purchasers. Also, there is a green light that turns on when the subwoofer is powered on. The green light can be a little disturbing, especially when the lights of the room are turned off and the green light shines brightly.


When it comes to placement flexibility as well as deep and loud bass, the Klipsch Reference R-10SW Subwoofer is one of the race leaders among the currently available subwoofer brands in the market. Admittedly, the Klipsch subwoofer can be purchased at a very high price and this can be a major drawback for others who can purchase a subwoofer at a much lower price.

However, when one has to consider the performance of the Klipsch subwoofer and its overall quality, one would find that the seemingly expensive price is commensurate with the benefits and audio output that one can enjoy by using the subwoofer. This is a powerful subwoofer that is definitely recommendable for others to enjoy!

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