SVS SB12-NSD Subwoofer

Getting to Know Subwoofers

A complete or holistic theater or music experience cannot be achieved without being able to hear the low tones that may come from movies or music. In other words, any home theater and music system will not be complete without a subwoofer in it – every owner of music or home theater systems knows this simple fact.

But for the new and the first timers who are planning to have one, a subwoofer might be an unfamiliar or rare word and appliance although there are already a number of home subwoofer brands circulating in the market.

One could describe a subwoofer as an audio appliance that was made to create the very low tones in the dynamic range of one’s music or theater system. A subwoofer is also known to have other names, such as point one channel or LFE. There are two (2) main types of subwoofers in the market, namely: passive and active.

However, there are rarely passive subwoofers now, as most subwoofer brands these days are making active subwoofers. This means the home subwoofer brands today are made “powered”, basically that the subwoofers also have built-in crossover networks and amplifiers that allow one to adjust the upper-frequency response of the subwoofer for the better interaction with the audio system’s speakers.

Purpose of a Subwoofer

Some people don’t consider a subwoofer as an important appliance. However, contrary to such belief, a subwoofer is a vital part of a music or theater audio system. In fact, any good audio system at home will not be complete without it. The sound effects that are part of modern digital movies and music will not be experienced completely without a subwoofer.

Only a subwoofer is able to produce particular audio outputs when it comes to the modern digital television and home theater formats. A maximum of six bass channels can be made by a subwoofer when one sets up a Dolby Digital receiver at home.

Choosing the Right Home Subwoofer

Choosing the correct subwoofer for your home is essential in making a good and memorable music or home theater experience. When one has to choose between the several home subwoofer brands, taking particular notice of the brand of subwoofer that offers nice low distortion with good volume and a good definition is essential. If one is a first timer and does not have any idea about subwoofers, there are some considerations to know in looking for a good subwoofer.

One should remember that a good subwoofer is made up of three (3) characteristics – low distortion, low-frequency extension, and ample output. The first one, a low distortion, in a subwoofer is important to create realism or accurate bass tones in an audio output of a digital music or movie. However, it is the quality that is most difficult to achieve in a subwoofer.

There are a number of home subwoofer brands that have 25% up to 30% distortion rate that could lead to inaccurate and unclear audio output. The important thing to do is to choose a subwoofer brand that offers low distortion rate in order to listen accurately to bass tones.

A nice low-frequency extension in a subwoofer makes the bass tones evident in an audio system, while an ample output makes sure that the bass tones make an impact while listening to the sound effects of digital movies and music. After knowing that the subwoofer brand one has chosen has all the three important qualities, the next thing to do is to find a subwoofer that has the perfect size for the room where it has to be installed.

The subwoofer should be large enough for the room where the audio system has been set-up. The larger the subwoofer is, it can offer better dynamics, outputs, low-frequency extension, and fun factor. In choosing among the home subwoofer brands available in the market, the reputation of the manufacturer should also be considered. A subwoofer is a very precise and highly specialized appliance so a manufacturer that specializes in the production of subwoofers should be preferred over the manufacturers that are engaged in the designing and production of a wide range of products.

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