Electro-Voice ELX115 15 Live X Two-Way Loudspeaker Review

Electro-Voice ELX115 15″ Live X Two-Way Loudspeaker Review

The audio aspect of a live event is the most significant factor, thus it often determines whether the event will be considered successful or not. The sound should be coming through as clear as possible, this is especially important for big venues with hundreds or even thousands of people.

The sound needs to be able to reach everybody so that everyone can enjoy and understand what the speaker is saying, particularly in worship events, workshops, plays, and conventions. To accomplish this, it’s important to have a quality loudspeaker.

A loudspeaker isn’t only for events, you can find them in many homes as well. If you’re a music enthusiast or a couch potato, then leveling up your sound system can make watching movies, TV shows or just listening to music a much more enjoyable experience.

If you haven’t decided on which speaker to buy for your home or events then you may want to check out the Electro-Voice ELX115 15″ Live X Two-Way Loudspeaker.

It has almost all the necessary qualities you would find in an exceptional speaker. It will provide not only a loud sound, but a clear one as well. Below, you will find more info on some of the specs and features of this product:


  • Has a powerful sound which is perfect for large places
  • Its dimensions are 15 x 17 x 27.9 inches
  • It has a 15 inch woofer and a 1.5-inch DH-1K titanium HF compression driver
  • It has a range of 50 Hz – 20 kHz frequency, 95 dB SPL sensitivity; 134 dB max SPL
  • Black textured finish
  • This is a passive speaker
  • Built in monitor angle of 60° for use as a floor wedge. Nominal Impedance (Passive) – 8 ohms
  • It has a braced 15mm birch plywood enclosure
  • It has a power handling of 400 W for continuous and 1600 W for peak
  • Best for events like live performances, home studios, and even for DJ-ing too


  • It has a weight of 3 pounds which is pretty lightweight for its size. This will make it easier to bring from one place to another
  • It is durable thanks to its plywood construction
  • This loudspeaker looks simple yet classy. It can definitely fit in any setting
  • It has a clear sound which is one of the most important quality in a speaker. You can easily hear every note and string of a guitar
  • Its performance makes it worth your money. You will definitely get what you paid for
  • Easy to use and assemble
  • Most definitely a good investment


  • There are cheaper loudspeakers out there
  • Not the sturdiest speaker. You would still need to be careful and watch out so you don’t break it
  • You may need to add a subwoofer to enhance the bass as it is not that prominent with the speakers alone
  • It doesn’t include rubber feet which would make it difficult for the speaker to stay in place
  • You may need to have 2 or more for extremely large areas especially open ones


Almost any event would require you to have a great sound system. Having a loudspeaker is a must, but you can’t pick out just any loudspeaker though, you need to choose one that would give off an incredibly clear sound and also consider the price. Other qualitys that make up a great speaker are its versatility, weight, and functionality.

It should be able to work properly whether it’s in a large room or an open area. The Electro-Voice ELX115 15″ Live X Two-Way Loudspeaker will give you just that. Its price is very affordable for the convenience and function it provides. It performs way better than other brands that costs more.

It is known that nothing is perfect, so this speaker still has its flaws. The bass is not that prominent so you may need to add a subwoofer. It is made of thinner plywood than usual so it may break if you’re not too careful with it.

Possible Alternatives

If you are not impressed with this speaker or if it doesn’t fit your budget, then you may consider purchasing one from other brands.

If you want a speaker that has better specs and have a big budget, then the JBL PRX425 can be a great option for you. It is made by one of the most popular brands when it comes to sound systems.

A cheaper alternative would be the BehringerEurolive B212XL 12” Passive PA Speaker. It costs a lot less than the EV ELX115 speaker.


Whether you are a part of a band that does shows, a motivational speaker, a worship leader, a DJ, or just someone who enjoys a great sound while listening to music or watching a show on your TV, then upgrading your sound system with this Electro-Voice ELX115 15″ Live X Two-Way Loudspeaker is the way to go.

It provides a pure sound that brings out the details in audio clearly. This speaker will give you and your audience an extraordinary experience. It’s worth the price and is a good investment because of its durability, as long as you treat it well, it will last you for a very long time.

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