Budget Home Subwoofer How to Know Which One Is the Best for You

Budget Home Subwoofer: How to Know Which One Is the Best for You

In this day and age,watching TV and listening to music on basic speakers alone is not enough for some people, especially movie enthusiasts and audiophiles.

Whenever they watch and listen, they would like to get the feel of the movie or music as much as possible. The sound is one of the most important factors when listening to music and watching shows.

Hearing every beat of the sound will get the heart pumping, give you adrenaline rush, and will make you enjoy it even more. It would be as if you’re in the movie yourself or you’re attending and in the midst of a crowd during a band or an artist’s concert.

If you’re one of those people who would want to achieve those vicarious sensations, then a subwoofer is something you will need.

A subwoofer is a loudspeaker that gives out exceptionally low bass sounds perfect for horror or thriller, action, and blockbuster movies that has a lot of explosions and breath taking sound effects.

They are also great for music that has big beats like rock, metal, electronic dance music or EDM, and even pop. This is a must have in any audiophile’s home. It is suitable to be placed in any room in your house. There are a lot of variations of subwoofers.

They vary in sizes, shapes, designs, function, and colors. Each variation has an appropriate use, there are ones that are suitable in a small bedroom or a large living room. The bigger the subwoofer is, the larger area it can cover.

Having an excellent home sound system is very far from cheap. Every component of it would cost you hundreds of dollars.

If you have the budget, then spending more money is totally fine because you will be getting what you paid for. Despite that, if you do buy a subwoofer, you would always have the best experience.

It might be a bit costly, but there are still great subwoofers available out there in the market that won’t make you break the bank. Here are just a few examples of things to consider and qualities to watch out for when buying a subwoofer for your home.


One of the most important things to consider is the size of the subwoofer and also the size of the room where you want to place it. If the room is not that big, then opting for a small subwoofer is the perfect choice.

A big subwoofer is not that necessary if the area is not so spacious. It will only make the room cluttered. If the room is quite large, then having 1 large sub, maybe even 2 subwoofers is the way to go, especially if you have your own home theater.

This will make you feel like as if you’re in the cinema watching the movie or even better, it would make you feel like you’re in the movie itself.

Where to place

Finding the perfect place to put your subwoofer can be quite tricky. A lot of people, especially newbies, would probably think that the best place to put their subwoofer is at the corner of the room. However, that shouldn’t always be the case.

There is a tendency that the sound may get distorted and wouldn’t sound that smooth if it’s at the corner. Every room is different, and there are certain techniques you can use to help find that perfect spot.


Sometimes, the most expensive subwoofers don’t necessarily mean it’s the best out there. It could just be because of the name of the brand. Don’t forget as well that buying the cheapest one is not the best idea as well. The trick is to finding that balance between the quality of the subwoofer and price.


Enjoying a movie in the comfort of one’s home or watching a major concert or band without the hassle of paying a stiff price for a ticket or getting yourself the trouble of dressing up, brave the traffic.

And when you are finally in the venue, hustling and jostling your way to get a good view and clear sounds emanating from the wonderful sound systems during the concert.

It can now be achieved with the addition of subwoofer in your home in order to get the feel of a “sense surround”, a wonderful sensation you get when you are in the actual concert or really into the feel of a thrilling movie.

It makes all the difference in our enjoyment and experience when a good quality but affordable subwoofer is added to the mix.

There are budget – friendly, affordable but are of good quality subwoofers in the market today. All you have to do is spend some time to check, compare, read reviews, and test them to suit your discriminating taste that will not burn the pocket as well.

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